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Tour de Khatulistiwa 2014 - Stage 4

November 2, 2014
Stage Four and last for the Tour de Khatulistiwa was a 134km journey down the coast of West Kalimantan back to the city of Pontianiak.
With a 6km netraul section is was a quite relaxed feeling on the start line. When the flag was dropped at kilometre 0 the Itanians resumed position on the front of the bunch riding at a speed of 45km/h+. When guys did did attack all they did is raise the speed to bring them back. It wasn't until 3 guys got away which didn't threaten them that the race settled down.
We raced on very nice roads with no wind to speak off. No rain today which meant for a very hot day again. With Eddy being the only one left in the race from the team, he decided to give the guys in the car something to do and called them up for feeding 4 times in the first 90kms. Most of the time he didn't really need anything it was just for a chat and a refreshing cold water shower.
Eddy tried with about 8kms to go to try and get away after not doing much for the majority of the race. But after sitting on 60km/h for just over a kilometre he took a little look under his arm to see the Iranians bringing him back into the bunch.
It came down to a bunch sprint again, again it was very messy with more than a few guys almost coming to blows. In fact after the race had crossed the line a water bottle was thrown which made for some excitement.
We all rode to the equator monument for a small ceremony. We didn't know if we were on the northern or southern side of the equator.
Big thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. Sarah-Jeanne Fraser for not only organising but also managing the team in the professional manner that she always does. Wendy Yap for being a fantastic assistant. Sebastian, Amir and Jake for not only being part of the team but for the constant entertainment.

To our sponsors, Energy HR, Duratech Security, V Burger, Poyner Racing Systems, KHT. Our Product suppliers Merida Bikes, Bolle Glasses, Ranking Helmets, Bindi Nutrition, Tineli Clothing none of this would be possible with out your support.

Till the next race we attend a race here in Asia. See you all back in Perth.

Eddy's Garmin Stats:
Distance: 134km
Time: 3hr 4mins
Average Speed: 43.5km/h
Maximum Speed: 67km/h
Total Ascent: 109m
Average HR: 113bpm
Maximum HR: 181bpm

Tour de Khatulistiwa 2014 - Stage 3

October 31, 2014
Stage Three of the Tour De Khatulistiwa was a afternoon start for some reason. Not sure why. It was a 80km stage with the a hill climb coming at 20km into the race.

With narrow, twisting roads and of course the Iranians no one attacked before we got to the climb. It also started to rain which made everybody very nervous with a few running off the road. The rain really cooled the body down after a very hot start to the stage. Once on the climb the Iranians just went hard from the bottom splitting the bunch into many groups.

The descent was very dangerous with some tight switch backs and some fast sections leading into them. Anyone who suffered from the lack of descending ability really struggled.

Eddy found himself in the second group which caught up to the front group making about 50 guys in the bunch. This looked to be the way the stage was going to go as again the Iranians just sat on the front controlling everything.

But with about 20kms to go another group of 17 guys just appeared out of nowhere. As we were to find out after the finish a team car had paced the whole team up who had been dropped on the climb bring everyone else with them. This proved decisive as one of the guys that was in that group ended up winning the stage.

A few off us complained to the commissaire but it was to no avail.

The sprint itself was very sketchy with some guys crashing and many others almost coming to a nasty end. One guy smashed into a massive pothole and flipped over with his bike doing a triple twist before landing.

Poor old Jake was with the stage winner after the climb but when the commissaire told them to remove themselves from the back of the car. He did so and the other guy didn't. This left him at the back by himself and was eventually pulled out of the race. A disappointing way to end his tour after he did the right thing and the other got away with doing the wrong thing.

Eddy finished in the bunch after dodging wheels and people happy to stay upright.

Eddy's Garmin stats, not quite accurate as it went a bit haywire after the rain.
Distance: 75.3km
Time: 1hr 50mins
Average Speed: 40km/h
Maximum Speed: 75km/h
Total Ascent: 390m
Average HR: 134bpm
Maximum HR: 174bpm

Tour de Khatulistiwa 2014 - Stage 2

October 30, 2014
Stage two of the Tour De Khatulistiwa was a 104km journey through some very nice country side of Kalimantan. The course started on wide roads but after 22kms we turned left onto a narrow road which made for a nervous bunch leading into it.

It was another very hot and humid day and after a short 4km neutral section the race started in full flight with the Iranians showing their intentions early by setting a steady tempo of 45-50km/h. They didn't let anything get more than a few seconds of the front until after about 30kms when they let 2 guys have their glory but never let the gap to go out more than 1 minute.

When others tried to attack they just simply lifted the pace and closed the gap.

This meant the stage was very controlled but this did allow Eddy to teach Jake how to ride and stay near the front of the bunch and not to be pushed around by the other riders. Jake also did the feeding keeping the guys and girls in the car from dying from boredom.

On what looked like a flat on the profile proved to not quite right as we continuously were going up and down for most of the day, even encountering some short steep climbs.

It came down to bunch sprint but with the narrow roads continuing all the way to the finish positioning was all important. Eddy tried to get involved in the sprint but on a sharp bend he was squeezed out and had to brake heavily. This meant he ended up at the rear of the field and with the high speed and narrow road could not move up again.

Jake rolled in safely in the bunch which was lead by an Iranian who despite working all day on the front he still had the speed to win the bunch sprint.

Eddy's Garmin Stats:
Distance: 104km
Time: 2hr 29mins
Average Speed: 41.5km/h
Maximum Speed: 71.3km/h
Total Ascent: 551m
Average HR: 133bpm
Maximum HR: 175bpm

Tour de Khatulistiwa 2014 - Stage 1

October 29, 2014
Stage one of the Tour de Khatulistiwa in Kalimantan Indonesia was a 171km journey. It also included a 14km neutral section which made for a very long day in the saddle. Today is the longest stage of the tour with the next 3 stages being between 100-140kms.

The stage started at 8.30 which meant a 6am breakfast then we had to pack bags as we are staying in the finishing town. After the opening ceremony last night an early start is the last thing everyone wanted.

Once we got finally got to kilometre 0 the flag was dropped and it was on. Attack after attack was the order of the day. It was very hot and humid up here on the equator which meant feeding was very important. Amir did the first few feeds once we got past the 30km mark which signalled a frenzy of feeding for nearly every team.

It took nearly 80km before the move of the day went clear. After averaging over 50km/h for the first hour and a bit everyone was cooked and winning move really just rolled off the front.

Unfortunately for team EHBS, Amir was involved in a crash and ended up in a muddy ditch. This was the end of his race, he is ok but the his bike will need some attention. Sebastian was not having any fun and eventually stepped off with 70km to go. Jake and a Eddy were suffering from a lingering bug picked up in China and finished in the second group on the road. Hopefully we can recover and have a better day tomorrow,

The Iranian team proved their strength today by team trailing of the front of the breakaway with 4 of them getting 1,2,3,4 on the stage. Setting themselves up for the overall and teams prize already.

At the finish of course Jake was swamped by all the locals wanting photos. Which he did with a smile on his face.

We rode to the hotel which is supposedly the best hotel in town, if this case I would not to see the other hotels.

Jake's Garmin Stats:
Time: 4hr 5mins
Distance: 171kms
Average Speed: 42km/h
Maximum Speed: 75km/h
Average HR: 177bpm
Maximum Speed: 197bpm
Total Ascent: 637m

Tour of Poyang Lake 2014 - Stage 12

October 25, 2014
Today we had the Mount Wuyishan One Day Classic. A 106km 10 lap circuit race. It was a good circuit with a bit for everyone. Big wide road leading into the start/finish line. Winding back straight with a few lumps and at one end we had a a paved car park do deal with which caused some issues with guys that had trouble getting around corners.

The race stayed together until after the first intermediate sprint. From then on a group of about 10 guys were up the road followed by a a chase group of about 12. We had Heksa and Jake up the road but with Jake still suffering from illness lost contact then with about 4 laps go Hekza came back as well.

The bunch then decided to start racing again with 3 laps to go. The Dutch guys drilled every lap through the technical car park and caused the bunch to split every time. Going into 2 laps to go Eddy joined another chase group. This one had 11 guys which all worked well together. Eddy's group caught the next group on the road with 1km to go. In a good show of form he finished 3rd in sprint from his group with ended up being about 13th.

All the other guys road well within themselves and finished in the bunch.
So that is it for the china racing for this trip. Next stop is Indonesia for the Tour of Khatulistiwa.

Again thank you to all our sponsors, Energy HR Duratech Security ,V Burger, KHT, Poyner Racing Systems. Our product Suppliers, Merida Bikes, Bolle Glasses, ranking Helmets and Bindi Nutrition.

Thank you to Sarah-Jeanne Fraser for making all this possible. Leah Flynn for jumping in a manager and doing a fantastic job.

Till next year!

Eddy's Garmin stats:
Distance: 106km
Time: 2hr 19mins
Average Speed: 44.5km/h
Maximum Speed: 63km/h
Total Ascent: 269m
Average HR: 147bpm
Maximum HR: 186bpm